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Welcome to the downloads page. There is a variety of programs that you can get from here. If you would like to leave feedback concerning any of these programs, please visit the contact page.



NUtils allows you to do many functions.

  • You can show and hide up to 10 windows with one keystroke. This allows you to get windows such as audio repeaters out of your way. If 10 hidden Windows are not enough for you, you can increase the number of hidden Windows by creating another stack of windows with one keystroke.
  • You can also change the title of a window. This is nice when you have many windows with the same title such as audio repeaters and you want to make them easier to find.
  • You can make windows transparent so they can be hidden yet controlled by the user.
  • You can forcefully kill the current window for non-responding applications.
  • You can modify the code and restart NUtils without having to hunt for it or even without having AutoIt installed.
  • You can also configure a list of windows to be automatically killed when they are seen like "Skype™ - Receiving file. Done!".
  • You can hide a window in the first available slot with one keystroke.
  • You can bring up a list of all hidden windows and unhide the one you want, either via the system tray or a quick keystroke.

Note for tracking purposes, every hole number increase in version number means major change; minor changes will be noted by a 0.1 increase in the version number.
NUtils has been tested on Windows XP, 2000, and Windows Vista, with X86 and X64 processors.
Download NUtils 3.1.1 (Installer)
Download NUtils 3.1.1 (Zip archive)
For other number packs, click here. To apply the new pack, extract the file to the NUtils\Sounds directory.
If you wish to build NUtils from source, find it on Github: github.com/n0ot/nutils
NUtils is now licensed under the General Public License. For more information, go to http://www.gnu.org/licenses

Linna Home

Linna Home is a server written in Autoit that allows you to remotely control your computer. With full user and permition control, this really is a good and safe way to control your computer. If you'd like to control your computer from afar, this is the way to go. Multiple users can connect simultaneously. If you need to talk to each other, a messaging system is implemented. Linna Home works on Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003 and Vista/Long Horn. It may work on other versions of Windows but there is no guarantee. It has been tested on Windows 2000, XP and Vista. Note for users upgrading from 0.49: The password scheme has changed. If you are currently using version 0.49 and are upgrading to a later version, you will need to run writeinfo again. None of the user settings will be overridden but trust will be set to 0. Also, you will then need to change vic_command to lin_command in users.ini and groups.ini as the enable/disable scheme has also changed. Users may now change their passwords with passwd. The password will be encrypted so it is not recoverable. Linna Home is a Telnet server. If you find any errors, have any comments, criticisms or suggestions, your thoughts are welcome. Just visit the contact page. Note to best use Linna Home, it is recommended that you use the Unix Telnet rather than the Windows Telnet. If you do not have a Unix OS nor Cygwin, you can download the Cygwin Telnet. It comes with the required libraries so it can be run with just telnet.exe and cygwin1.dll. Interested? Click here to download Linna Home version 0.55 (binary)..
To download the source of Linna Home, go to linnahome.googlecode.com
Linna Home Server is now licensed under the General Public License. For more information, go to http://www.gnu.org/licenses

Bandwidth Test

This simple utility will let you download a file in order to tell you how fast your downstream bandwidth is. Of course, choose a very fast server with a decent sized file to get accurate results. Also, you may want to stay off of the computer or do only low-CPU using task during the test. Download bandwidth test now

Hits finder

This utility will allow you to create an m3u playlist of two directories. It will only put the name of those directories in the file, not the files in them. The purpose of Hits Finder is to allow you to give each directory priority over each other to specify how offen songs from each directory play. Do you have a collection of music but you want to mix it all up and hear it all but only hear those old songs every once in a while? Hits finder can do just this. Simply organize your music into a "popular" directory and a "old" directory and tell Hits Finder how offen to play those old songs versus those popular songs. Once the playlist is created, you can open it with a standard media player like WIndows Media Player or Winamp
Just don't forget to put the player on shuffle. Download Hits Finder This program is no longer supported.

Web watch

This little app will allow you to watch a site for a given string of text. When that text is found, Web Watch can display a message or run a program. This is useful to watch web pages that always update or shoutcast pages when you want to find a song. Download Web Watch


Now smaller than ever, FScrub will allow you to completely get rid of those deleted files. When you delete a file on your hard drive, the space that the deleted file used is freed. When you write new information to the hard drive, the deleted file might be overridden. But before this happens, the file is not actually deleted. It is still on your hard drive. That means personal data can still be read by programs that can directly access the hard drive. FScrub will completely scrub the unused space on your hard drive and wipe it clean. No this is not a format, you could do this everyday if you wanted and still run Windows normally. While the program was not written in autoit, the source for a duplicate autoit version is in the zip file if you know Autoit and would like to see what is happening. It is actually very simple! Download FScrub

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